Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nick, Nick, Nick, Nickelodepool!

So for the past four days I've been driving around the Nickelodeon parking lot looking for Amanda Bynes. The hottest person on the set is me, which is never a good thing.

So anyway and then I see Kang.

"Hey asshole, send me back to my house!"

"Who are you mysterious and sexy stranger?"

"Wait, you're not Kang, you're that doofus from Blues Clues. "

"Actually I'm the...hey I'm not a doofus! Anyway help me get out of here. Once Viacom[for our viewers who don't keep up with business news Viacom is Nick's parent company-Bob] learned I was leaving the trapped me in this cage."
"Are you insane? Its not a cage, you're outside. In. nothing. "
So I stabbed in the leg for being stupid. Then I smelt liquor.
"Wade, what the f*** r u duin? *hic* you ruin time spaz cont..."
And he fell on the floor so I took his belt and went to a different time.
That's when I saw J'onn knocked out and a man claiming to be Faye with hotpants. Except his name doesn't match him. He should look aged and sexy like Bea with that name. He also doesn't have enough hair for my liking.

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Crater said...

Seriously I am scared.