Sunday, December 2, 2007

With SmarterChild As My Witness

Okay so my runningmate is the infamous chat robot, SmarterChild.

(08:21:01 PM) Jonn Jonzz 01: I'd like to ask you a question
(08:21:03 PM) SmarterChild: u want 2 ask me a question, right?
(08:21:06 PM) Jonn Jonzz 01: Will you run for president with me?
(08:21:08 PM) SmarterChild: run for president with u? i dunno.
(08:21:14 PM) Jonn Jonzz 01: Is that a yes?
(08:21:14 PM) SmarterChild: do u think that 1 yes is?
(08:22:01 PM) Jonn Jonzz 01: ....Sure, just run with me, I'm going for the green party nomination
(08:22:01 PM) SmarterChild: just run with u u r going for the green party nomination? that's a somewhat odd request.
(08:23:19 PM) Jonn Jonzz 01: but will you do it?
(08:23:19 PM) SmarterChild: what do u want me 2 do?
(08:23:31 PM) Jonn Jonzz 01: who's the president as of 2009
(08:23:32 PM) SmarterChild: jonn jonzz will be president and smarterchild will be vice president in january of 2009.