Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Its the Time of the Season

So I jump on my couch to watch my Golden Girl DVDs and again my ass is impaled by staples.

"OUCH" I screamed in pain. Suddenly I heard laughter.

"Well wells, if its nots Dadpwas the mec *hic up* with th " before I Kang could finish he dropped to the floor. Suddenly the Staplers Ghost appeared and said:

"What my partner is trying..."

"Parnter? Like "life partner?" I had no idea you guys were gay."

"Well I am, Kang's not. He's not that interested. *sigh*I tried to give him a ruffie, but I couldn't really do anything with me being a ghost and all.."

"Yeah that's cool, I apparently have a talk show on a gay TV channel. I didn't know it was gay, but hey, money's money."


I thought I outwitted the ghostly loser, "So I'm heading out, bye!"

"Okay later...Hey wait a second! You're not going anywhere...I mena you're going to the past!"

He zapped me with one of Kang's time-do-hickeys. Anyway I woke up in a cabin. There's a fire. Its neat, but there's no Bea Arthur.


james said...

Oh that Deadpool and his obessesion with Bea Arthur...

Janet Pym said...

I like drunks