Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lost in Time

Kang is really getting on my nerves. He's just constantly bothering me. He finally succeeded in sending me through time this time. This time, though, it was't really through TIME, but more through dimensions. Or something like that. It's pretty confusing, really. I saw a lot of bizarre realities, such as this one. Eventually, I was back in the normal universe, but.... twenty-ish years back, I think? I saw some super heroes fighting a french Ape with a machine gun and a brain in a jar. I think I've heard of these guys. The Doom Patrol. One of the few teams who fight more bizarre villains than me. The Scissormen are sure a lot more menacing than the Stapler. I mean, scissors cut stuff up. Staples just... hold stuff together. They're like opposites. I fly over to help Robotman in his fight against Monsieur Mallah, but the ape turns around and jumps at me, screaming in French. Before he connects, I disappear, floating through time again.

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